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Ulala is the main character of the Space Channel 5 series.

Profile[edit | edit source]


Beautiful heroine of Space Channel 5. An energetic rookie reporter, she has a strong desire to one day become the best reporter in the whole galaxy.

Personal Data

Born: May 30, 2477, 1:18 a.m.

Zodiac: Gemini

Blood Type: B

Planet of Origin: Earth

Origin of Her Name Ulala's mother is from a small country in East Japan. Her name was given to express the tone of this country.

Favorite Hobby Dancing!!! Whenever she doesn't have an early work assignment the next day, she boogies 'til dawn!

(The above profile was directly taken from the Space Channel 5 manual.)

Legal Troubles[edit | edit source]

On an interesting side note: In 2003 (3 years after the game was released) SEGA was sued by Lady Miss Kier, the lead singer of the group Deee-Lite, for "likeness rights" to the Ulala character. She said that at one point SEGA offered her money to use her music and likeness for the game but she declined. During the trial, SEGA were able to prove that not only had they designed Ulala before getting in contact with Lady Miss Kier, but also that the creators of Space Channel 5 had never even heard of her as it was the marketing team that requested Lady Miss Kier's 'likeness' and music to advertise the game. The jury ruled in favour of SEGA and Lady Miss Kier was forced to pay their legal fees.

Ulala as she appeared in the first Space Channel 5 game.