Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy

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Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Electronic Arts]][[Category:Electronic Arts]]
[[Electronic Arts]][[Category:Electronic Arts]]
Keyboard, mouse
ESRB: Teen
PEGI: 16+
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Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy is the seventh expansion to the Ultima Online MMORPG, featuring a new playable race, elves, along with a new skill and several new dungeons. This expansion focused content more on existing and veteran players, rather than trying to draw new players. It was also the first UO expansion to only be available via digital download instead of the traditional retail box.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • New Race: Elves (Racial Abilities added for both races)
  • New Quest System - Hundreds of quests
  • New Community Collections - Turn in items for new rewards
  • Crafting: Ingredients for Recipes to craft dozens of new items
  • New Skill: Spellweaving
  • New City: Heartwood
  • New Combat Moves: Bladeweave, Force Arrow, Lightning Arrow, Psychic Attack, Serpent Arrow, Force of Nature
  • New Dungeons: Blighted Grove, Labyrinth, Painted Caves, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, and The Citadel
  • Peerless Bosses: Extremely tough monsters giving valuable loot
  • Housing: New Elven House Tile Sets, 20% Increased Storage, Aquariums, and Parrots
  • Purchasing access to this expansion provides access to all previous expansions' content [1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Mondain was an evil wizard in the first Ultima game and one of its main villains. There are many references to Mondain throughout the many Ultima games. In Ultima IV, the Skull of Mondain makes an appearance as an artifact that is integral to the game.

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