Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban

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Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban
Box art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Culture Brain]][[Category:Culture Brain]]
[[Micro Academy]][[Category:Micro Academy]]
Ultra Baseball
4-megabit cartridge
Game controller
Super NES
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Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban is the third game in the Ultra Baseball (Baseball Simulator in the USA) series. It was released in 1992 for the Super NES by Culture Brain in Japan only. The game remains much the same as the previous 1991 Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 with some new additions. This title included real life players from the NPB league; the word Jitsumeiban means Real Player Version. Additionally a World Series championship and an All-Stars option was added to this version.

In the game, there are 3 leagues: Central, Pacific and Ultra. Each league has 6 teams. In the Ultra League, pitchers and batters have special power-ups that boost their abilities which gives the game a surrealistic feel that is rare in the sports genre. Players can even create their own baseball teams and assign special moves to the players that they name themselves. The game can be played in exhibition, season or All-Stars modes.

Though the game was never released in the USA, an unofficial English Translation was created by VX Translations

Baseball Simulator series[edit | edit source]

These Baseball titles included some form of "Super League" where pitchers and batters would have special abilities.

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