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UnHolY SaNctuaRy

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UnHolY SaNctuaRy
UnHolY SaNctuaRy.jpg
Game Box Cover
Basic Information
Video Game
hatahata, UnHolY production ☆
Digital download
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Technical Information
Action Maker
Main Credits
hatahata and UnHolY production ☆
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
August 152013
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UnHolY SaNctuaRy (アンホーリー サンクチュアリ アンホーリー サンクチュアリ Anhorii Sankutuari?), is a Japanese freeware dōjin 2D Action game for Microsoft Windows,

Story[edit | edit source]

While the Crimson month of ill omen is shining, Beautiful clergy landed to the sanctuary ... unclean.

Few days, there is the old fort near the border of the capital. Much blood is shed at the time of the siege of 200 years ago, managed to kingdom church no-entry zone as a "sanctuary" in the current, fort to be built as if remembering the late country already, Who shall enter she does not. However, missing persons case of neighborhood residents frequently than a few months ago, mass disappearances settlements all one is missing occurs at last. Church saw the heavy things make a life of settling the situation in "Tsukasa of providence" clergy organization under the direct control of the Patriarch. To rescue best friend was missing, woman clergy "Marianne" towards the investigation sanctuary unclean in itself to "Unholy Sanctuary" and because of the resolution of a case as a member.

His land was defiled in blood, or engender tragedy also tonight.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Marianne (Caterina Marianne Heller Meyer) (マリアンネ(カテリーナ・マリアンネ・エレールマイヤー) Marianne (Katerina Marianne Eeberu Maiyaa)?)
BWH:93cm (H) 58cm 89cm
Hero of this work is the Priest of belonging "Tsukasa of providence" Kingdom Church Patriarch report directly to the organization. Found the talent in the days of acolyte, I educated in special treatment by the Church later. The most important feature of her, is that can be granted to himself in the efficacy of as impossible in general in accordance with intelligence, the spirit force of law surgery auxiliary support such as "Blessing". It is a degree that is not the same as the general women put to the point to say physical ability of the original, but she can have the combat ability of par or more warriors and skilled by this special ability. Or the cost, law surgery recovery is fairly weak. Because it has been solve the case of some until now, trust from the church thick. And he went to this place and was ordered to set the combination and Constanze is a junior, and case investigation of the sanctuary unclean this time, since it had towards the destination Constanze ahead, fort alone chasing after her it was supposed to infiltrate.
  • Constanze (error to Veronica Constanze) (コンスタンツェ(ベロニカ・コンスタンツェ・へラー) Konsutantue (Beronika Konsutantue Heraa)?)
BWH:90cm (G) 57cm 87cm
Priest same as Marianne, of belonging "Tsukasa of providence." Upon junior of the same monastery for Marianne, it is also a close friend is a childhood friend at the same time. Talent was outstanding that was born with even more than, is also to say that relatives of a certain high priest, was attached to the title of Archbishop report directly from immediately after changing jobs in Priest. Good at law surgery bite, expand in multiple directions instantly law surgery holy light the "Holy Light", have a specialty that can be triggered. It's got to the title the same as Marianne at the same time and changed jobs to priests by the fervent hope of Constanze, but Marianne that went to the same title on which I gained experience and track record various little things Constanze experience is not accompanied are worried.

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