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This article is about the 2D online game. For the pen brand, see uni-ball.
Basic Information
Video Game
Josh Langley and Nick Weihs
ByteRyder Productions
Keyboard, Mouse
PC (Windows)
9.1 on MPOGD
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UniBall is a free 2D online multiplayer game. In its most popular game mode, Hockey, players are given ships that can move, boost (move faster) for short distances, and shoot and receive balls. Players on opposing teams compete to be the first to score enough points to win the game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

UniBall screenshot

In UniBall, players pilot ships, which can pick up and hold a single ball at a time. Consisting of up to 40 players and up to 4 teams, the main objective in the game is to defeat the other team(s) by either being the first to reach a point limit, or by having the most points when an optional time limit expires.

There are two types of balls, neutral (white) and colored. Neutral balls can be picked up by any player, while colored balls may only be picked up by a player of the same color. Players of a different color can nudge a colored ball around the map, but this is extremely slow. If a ship has a ball in its possession, the player in control of that ship can opt to "shoot" the ball outward. This is done, for example, to pass the ball to a teammate or to score points. Ships do not have weaponry in any game type.

There are two game modes: Hockey and Dodgeball.

In Hockey, players can score points by shooting the ball into a goal or against a bumper. Goals are typically defended by automated goalies. Bumpers behave like bumpers in Pinball, actively pushing the ball away when the ball comes into contact with them. While a ship is carrying a ball, it can be knocked loose on contact with a player on an opposing team.

The Dodgeball game type follows the same physical rules, except that gaining points is achieved by shooting colored balls against players on an opposing team.

An official duel ladder uses the chess rating system to determine the ranks of players.

Many players choose to form and join squads, similar to clans in other games. Squads may participate in the ongoing UniBall Ladder, or may compete in a league. Often, a squad will host a game pitting their squad as one team against a team composed of any three members of the general community. These types of games are often the only type of practice squads have, outside of league or tournament play.

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