Unification Wars

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Unification Wars
Basic Information
Video Game
Stephen Yong
Ino-Online, GamesTotal.com
Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux
Retail Features
Technical Information
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux
February 152003
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Space Federation is a series of browser-based, turn-based strategy game inspired by the now-defunct Archmage. The series was first released as one game under the name Galactic Conquest (GC) in 2003 but later grew to include three other spinoffs of the game.

Space Federation Games has been featured by IGN, GameSpy, GameStats, MPOGD, GameZone, TopRPGames

The Series[edit | edit source]

Space Federation was developed in Malaysia by independent IT developer Stephen Yong. When it was first released in February 2003, the game reached a membership of 417 within the first month.[1][2]

Galactic Conquest[edit | edit source]

Galactic Conquest is the first game developed in the series, yet, due to its high degree of complexity, less popular than Unification Wars.

Fictional Background[edit | edit source]

The United World Council is the Terran Council that monitors and safeguards the galaxy. In Space Federation - Galactic Conquest, you start off in the year 10,000 AD, 500 years after the collapse of the United World Council. With no proper single governance, the control and governance of each colony were soon taken over by self-elected leaders on their respective colonies. Peace does not stay for long as ambitious leaders expand their small empires by colonizing new planets as well as invading other weaker colonies. Several small empires form Space Federations as a means of banding together for the greater good of its Federation members. This is in hopes that a group of smaller empires can improve their standing against a single larger empire. As always, Human greed and lust for power slowly materializes into an unsatisfying thirst for further expansion and conquest. This is a time of chaos and war where the small empires must fight for their survival. This marks the start of an era where small empires and Space Federations fight for Galactic Conquest You start off as the leader of one of the colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. This is where you start writing your own destiny.

The collective[edit | edit source]

The Collective race is a half organic species, half robotic cyborg made aeons created by an ancient race for their military purposes during their war era. However, but after the ancient race's wars era was over, the Collective tired of peace turned against their masters and assimilated them. During this rebellion, the Collective resorted to assimilating ships and planets to increase their strength. As time goes by, they eventually have specially built ships for assimilating purposes.

After the war the Collective began building an empire in the solitude of the Gamma Quadrant. Soon the Collective race started sending scouting expeditions venturing to the Orion Star Systems, out of the Gamma Quadrant for new targets to assimilate.

The Collective then found the Aspha Miners race, which specializes, in mineral extraction and large defensive weapons platforms (starbases). The Aspha Miners did not bow to the demands of being assimilated by the Collective thus the Aspha-Collective war broke out. The war was stalemate lasting for a hundred years. Eventually the Collective grows tiresome of the non-conclusive war and decided to moves on. Both races suffered great amount of losses with most their fleets and colonies destroyed.

Aspha miner[edit | edit source]

The Collective then found the Aspha Miners race, which specializes, in mineral extraction and large defensive weapons platforms (starbases). The Aspha Miners did not bow to the demands of being assimilated by the Collective thus the Aspha-Collective war broke out. The war was stalemate lasting for a hundred years. Eventually the Collective grows tiresome of the non-conclusive war and decided to moves on. Both races suffered great amount of losses with most their fleets and colonies destroyed.

The Aspha Miners race originates far from the Orion Star Systems. They seems to be a religious race with their original religious records dating back eons ago. Their race name was derived from the Asphalt Mineral, which is found in abundance in the Orion Star System and the fact that they are very skillful in mineral extractions, hence the word Miners. The Aspha Miners peaceful in nature, places more emphasis on defensive weapons platforms or starbases and also designing their fleet to be more defensive in nature.

This was to their advantage as they the Collective race soon came trying to invade and assimilate their entire Empire. Although the war ended in a stalemate, the Orion Star System was drained of resources having many colonies and planets devastated beyond recovery. The Aspha Miners fearing the return of the Collective race moved all their population into thousands of small colony convoys consisting of remanding fleet and fled from the Orion Star System looking for other Star Systems.

The Aspha Miners eventually settled in many parts of the galaxy being one of the common races to be found around.

Unification Wars[edit | edit source]

Main article: Unification Wars

(Link to the game:http://gc.gamestotal.com/)

Unification Wars is the second of the games that was developed. It takes place on a much larger scale than its mirroring game, Galactic Conquest. Infrastructure is based on the number of planets, not a specific amount of land on a planet or cluster. Each player starts with 1000 planets minimum.

The game offers three speeds of play consisting of:

Real-time, Hourly, and Daily

The average amount of players on is around 400 to 600 players.

A complete review from http://ireviewit.wordpress.com/ has been pasted here for your viewing pleasure.

UC (Unification Wars)[edit | edit source]

Unification Wars is another made in Malaysia MMOG,[3] one of the better text-based mmorpgs on the web.

Its game play can be highly addictive, which is proven by the fact that many of its players stick around for several years. It features around 500 active players at a time with an in-game chat. Players can attack other players that are both online and offline. 30 hours of damage protection are given to players when they suffer sufficient damage. This prevents player's empires from being butchered when they log off. New players are given automatic protection until they rise above the newbie power rating cap (power rating determines your strength)

Power rating is determined by ships, which each have their own PR values, total planets, and overall population of all systems. Ships are equipped with one or two of the four possible weapon types. Players will attack each other with stacks of ships (one stack consists of all the ships built under a single design. More ships under different designs means more stacks.). Players usually try to build stacks that have the greatest chance of winning against all players. Players have 4 different types of attacks they can use, with “Invasion” being the most used. Invading for planets (The minimum you can win is 750, because planets are rated in the thousands. For example, 65k planets is a very low amount, and 5 million planets is the average amount for the higher ranking players) is the goal of the game, with obtaining as many as you can being your ultimate goal. You can do this either by attacking other players or by exploring. You can only explore up to 500k planets. Joining a federation will allow a player to make friends and grow stronger and better in a short period of time, including the added effect of gaining planets. Federation members can send ships to support each other in battle. Federations can ally with each other and declare war on other federations. Federation wars however, are meaningless in the fact that neither side can actually win one. There are no penalties or losses suffered by the losing fed either. This is primarily due to Damage Protection, which prevents empires from being annihilated.

Non-military features only include artifacts, the research of technology and infrastructure, and an intergalactic market, in which players can buy minerals to build their ships, or purchase Food, Raw Material, and Consumer Goods, to fuel one of the five types of economies a player can focus their empire on. While the game’s primary entertainment value lays in its combat experiences, the game does offer several large secondary challenges such as artifact digging, temple building, and several other not combat related items. The game while still under active development does from time to time develop glitches, but they in no way hamper a person’s ability to play the game. Occasional changes in game mechanics and rules do occur, but only in the interest of balancing the game in favor of all races. The game chat (which is also linked with GC) is open to all players and is moderated by game guides (denoted by (G) after their chosen names) and administrators (denoted by (A) after their chosen names) from both UC and GC. There are rules which are enforced on the chat, usually through a warning message sent through the game’s private message (pm) system. In the event of a more serious breach of the rules player may be silenced for a period of time, though this rarely happens unless a player refuses to stop after being asked. Several serious breaches of the game rules sometime results in a player being banned form all 4 games but this rarely happens.

This is a good game overall, and will satisfy many players who play it. It is probably one of the better text-based strategy games out there. The lack of updates will annoy many a player though. More updates will unlock this game’s potential to be one of the best text-based strategy games around. Overall ‘iReview it’ rating is the following:

It is the most popular game of the SpaceFed series.

Fictional Background[edit | edit source]

The backdrop of this part of the series occurs half a millennium prior to the feudal period of empires and federations during the Unification War. Millennia ago, the United World Council was established for the Terran race to oversee Terran colonization. Though the organization matured and grew significantly in power over several millennia, there were immediate signs of corruption in the high ranks. Members of the Free Worlds Alliance, an organization dedicated to the freedom from complete Terran subjection, revolted against the Council's authority in what resulted as the Unification War. The war raged for several centuries with numerous casualties on both sides. The Free Worlds members themselves were Terrans, but they despised being subjected to the will of the Council.

3700 AD[edit | edit source]

Fictional Background[edit | edit source]

In the year 3700, the Terran race developed the technology of faster-than-light travel through space by constructing portals across systems. During the years after this development, scores of traders and merchants began their journey into space and exploring the new frontiers of the galaxy. Colonization was loosely controlled, forcing many systems to rely on their own security forces and on hiring mercenaries.

Ancient Worlds[edit | edit source]

Fictional Background[edit | edit source]

Ancient Worlds tells of a world of the Terran race prior to the days of space travel. the game is a risk style game set in the united kingdom that has been abandoned in development for unknown reasons. despite the abandonment of the game it is still a pretty good game despite the fact that it is really slow to play as you get to make a turn every 3 minutes.

Link[edit | edit source]

To enter the game, you can click the following link or else copy and paste the following URL into your browser. http://gc.gamestotal.com/

Naming[edit | edit source]

The term Space Federation or SpaceFed is generally used to describe the game series as a whole. Galactic Conquest or GC is used to describe the oldest portion of the game series, which was originally the game's name itself.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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