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United Kingdom
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The United Kingdom's geographical location in relation to:
* The European Union (light green)
* Europe (light green and dark grey)
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The Union Flag, the official flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Basic Information
(Video gaming in) United Kingdom in video gaming (in video gaming)

The United Kingdom has one of the largest concentrations outside of the United States of video game development studios, and this has naturally led to consistent British representation in video game titles.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The United Kingdom has rarely been the chosen country for video game terrain or urban environments. However, DMA Design used London as inspiration for their Grand Theft Auto mission packs: London 1969 and London 1961.

Additionally, Watch Dogs Legion is set to take place in a fiction representation of London.

Geopolitical[edit | edit source]

In video games that include factional representation from other nations (real, or fictional), the United Kingdom is almost universally portrayed as a protagonist faction.

The United Kingdom in video gaming[edit | edit source]

The United Kingdom (as either "United Kingdom" or "British") can be selected as a playable nation or government in the following video games:

The following video games are directly set in whole or in part in the United Kingdom:

Additionally, the country can be seen or observed in the following video games:

Is it also not uncommon to see the individual nations of the United Kingdom represented separately in video games.

The following video games feature either the British or constituent national teams in sport.

Lore from video games[edit | edit source]

Plague Inc: Evolved[edit | edit source]

A rich, urban country. Typically has a cold, humid climate.

The United Kingdom has historically played a leading role in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science. At its zenith in the 19th century, the British Empire stretched over one-fourth of the earth's surface. The first half of the 20th century saw the UK's strength seriously depleted in two world wars. The second half witnessed the dismantling of the Empire and the UK rebuilding itself into a modern European nation. As one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and a founding member of NATO and the Commonwealth, the UK pursues a global approach to foreign policy. The UK is also an active member of the EU, although it chose to remain outside the Economic and Monetary Union. The Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, and the Northern Ireland Assembly were established in 1999. The latter was suspended until May 2007 due to wrangling over the peace progress, but devolution was fully completed in March 2010.