United States Infantry (C&C G)

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USA infantry[edit | edit source]

Ranger[edit | edit source]


The ranger is the basic infantry of the USA. It is armed with an assault rifle and flashbangs. The flashbangs are effective against enemy infantry and can clear out garrisoned buildings. Rangers can also capture buildings when upgraded. This unit is ideal for combat against other infantry and pound for pound, the best basic infantry unit in the game.

Laser Ranger[edit | edit source]

(removed from game)

Available to only General Townes, the Laser General of USA, it fires a laser instead of bullets.

Missile Defender[edit | edit source]


The USA rocket infantry unit. Used to combat tanks and air units. The missile defender can also use laser sights ability to laser-lock on vehicles and aircraft to increase the firing rate by 25%.

Pathfinder[edit | edit source]

Cost:$600 and generals point

The pathfinder is a sniper that is stealthed while stationary or firing and uncloaks only when moving. It is able to take out most infantry in a single hit. The pathfinder also reveals stealthed units in its sight range.

Colonel Burton[edit | edit source]

Cost:$1500 and Strategy Center

The USA hero unit. Colonel Burton can use a knife ability to remain stealth and kill enemy infantry. He can also use timed or remote C4 charges. Colonel Burton is always stealth except when planting a demo charge or firing at enemy units.

Laser Burton[edit | edit source]

(removed from game)

Just Colonel Burton armed with a laser. Nothing special about this.

Pilot[edit | edit source]

Cost: Untrainable

The USA pilot ejects out of any vehicles or aircraft that have any level of veterancy status. They are unarmed and can only be directed into another vehicle or aircraft to apply its veterancy status to that unit.