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V-Rally 3
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Video Game
[[Eden Studios]][[Category:Eden Studios]]
PlayStation Array, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, PC and GameCube
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V-Rally 3 is a 2002 rally racing video game, developed by Eden Studios. It's the sequel of V-Rally 2.

The main focus of the game is the career mode, where the player races against bots in various rallies ultimately trying to become the champion.

Tracks and Areas[edit | edit source]

The game features six racing areas (Finland, Sweden, England, France, Africa and Germany), with four tracks each. The tracks can also be raced reversed, which makes the total amount of tracks 48. When racing a track reversed, the weather conditions of the track may change.

Each area has its main surface and to gain success in the game, the player needs to handle them all. The dominating surface in the game is gravel, and it is the main surface in the areas of Finland, England and Africa. France and Germany have asphalt as their surface and Sweden is the only rally raced on snow. In the career mode each area makes their own rally by 5 tracks chosen randomly from the 8 possible.

Drivers[edit | edit source]

V-Rally 3 features a total of 74 fictional drivers. These drivers compete against the player in the "V-Rally Mode", the career mode of the game. Each time the player begins a new career mode, a random algorithm selects 31 of the 74 drivers that, 16 for the 2.0 liter championship and 15 for the 1.6 liter championship. While the player progresses from season to season, the game automatically drops off a random set of drivers from the 2.0 liter championship (raging from 0 drivers to 6 drivers at the end of each season) and replaces them with new "rookies", that compete in the 1.6 liter championship. These drivers cannot be used in the "Arcade Mode" of the game.

Full list of Drivers:


Akaike, Danjuro (Japanese)

Albert, Lorenzo (Italian)

Andersson, Anton (Swedish)

Arishima, Eitoku (Japanese)

Asplund, Harri (Finland)


Barragan, Jaime (Spanish)

Baudet, Paul (French)

Baumann, Heinrich (German)

Beley, Sylvain (French)

Berglund, Juha (Finnish)

Bianchi, Giovanni (Italian)

Boucher, Didier (French)

Breuer, Dieter (German)

Brown, Charles (Welsh)


Carrez, Bernardo (Brazilian)

Chable, Nicolas (French)

Chevolot, Benoit (French)

Collins, Jeff (American)


Ebisawa, Fujio (Japanese)


Fernandez, Arturo (Spanish)

Finch, Scott (Australian)

Furusawa, Hidaka (Japanese)


Garcia, Alanzo (Spanish)

Grossmann, Fritz (German)

Gustafsson, Petri (Finnish)


Haruguchi, Zatsuki (Japanese)

Haydon, Russell (Australian)

Heikkinen, Petteri (Finnish)

Hill, Michael (British)

Hirata, Masaru (Japanese)

Huuskonen, Yrjo (Finnish)


Ishiyama, Kenjiro (Japanese)


Jackson, Andrew (British)

Jarniou, Laurent (French)

Jehkinen, Jari (Finnish)

Jenkins, Johnny (British)

Johansson, Viktor (Swedish)

Jones, Alistair (German)

Jorge, Pereira (Portuguese)


Kawatake, Yamato (Japanese)

Kellermann, Otto (German)

Kurohiko, Yuri (Japanese)


Lambert, Mathias (French)

Lipponen, Ilman (Danish)


MacGill, Bryan (American)

MacGill, Richard (American)

Malenfant, Nicolas (Belgian)

Marchetti, Marcello (Italian)

Markussen, Knut (Norwegian)

Mellet, Alain (French)

Mills, David (Welsh)


Nakamura, Isamu (Japanese)


Olsson, Marcus (Swedish)


Parker, Jeff (American)

Pearce, James (British)

Poncet, Guillaume (French)

Porter, Danny (British)

Prestergard, Sven (Norwegian)


Sergio, Estrada (Portuguese)

Simmons, Luke (American)

Simpson, Tim (British)

Smith, Alan (British)

Stammler, Albrecht (Swiss)


Taylor, Gordon (Scottish)


Ueshima, Goro (Japanese)


Vassiliou, Dimitrios (Greek)


Walker, Nigel (British)

Wallace, Martin (British)

Williams, Andrew (Irish)


Xenakis, Niklous (Greek)


Yasujiro, Takeshi (Japanese)

Yasujiro, Yamato (Japanese)

Yoshida, Hiroshi (Japanese)

Yunokatawa, Atsuko (Japanese)

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