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Vampires Dawn [ˈvæmpaɪəɹz ˌdɔːn] is a German game series, consisting of two games and one offset. The game is a Freeware-Role-playing video game by Alexander ‚Marlex‘ Koch.

The series was created with the RPG Maker. The first game has the subheading „Reign Of Blood“. This fantasy game is very popular in the scene, due to its complexity and accurate editing. The second game „Ancient Blood“ proceeds the story of the first one, but it is considerable more complex. On August 28, 2007 an indirect follower was released, called „Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics“ for mobiles, this project ran under the direction of the company Dawnatic Games, to which also belonged the author of the first two games. Alexander Koch stopped all work on January 18, 2010, due to business reasons, shortly after the project was taken over by Brianum who will continue the website. He announced a relaunch of the Vampires Dawn website and the related forum.[1] This was made on August 13, 2010. The site was rebuilt and a browser game was integrated into it.[2]

Vampires Dawn: Reign Of Blood[edit | edit source]

The player is put into the role of Valnar, a man who shortly after the start is transformed by the Vampire Asgar, in such a one. The involuntary hero who does not want to assume his new identity at first, must deal with several conflicts of conscience: On one hand he needs blood to live, on the other his human side suffers if he sucks the blood from humans. He hates his creator that he has made him a vampire, but Asgar also becomes his Mentor and offers him protection. Alaine was once been a human, in which Asgar fell in love with (in spite of her disturbed mental state), but was later executed by Asgar and resurrected as a vampire. She is forming a counterweight to Valnar and Asgar and prevents an escalation of some situations. However, it becomes apparent quickly that this balance is very unstable. Reign of Blood has a total of 6 different endings, depending on Valnars attitude, attention to Alaine and the amount of escapes.

Vampires Dawn II: Ancient Blood[edit | edit source]

The protagonist is once again Valnar, who built up a family with Alaine. The live quietly under the humans with their daughter Jayna, which was created by Alaine. Asgar, who was killed in the first game, suffers in agony as a "Blood Ghost". He finds the thief Strife, who helps him to get the ancient magic book, so he can resuscitate himself. But with this he also releases a bodiless "Elras-Ghost", which occupies Asgars body without realizing it. At first Asgar wants to take revenge on Valnar, so he searches him and Alaine. But before this he meets their daughter, Jayna. He persuades her to take her with him. Valnar and Alaine are worried and search their daughter. They find her on top of Asgars castle, but the "Elras-Ghost" in Asgar starts to change the world with a spell. The whole world, which we know from "Vampires Dawn I" is changed and the time line is mixed up. After this exhausting spell, the ghost leaves Asgars body and occupies Jayna. Valnar and Alaine have to cooperate with Asgar once again to stop the Elras from taking over the world.

Vampires Dawn II was released on October 30, 2005. The technique, music, graphic and animations were improved. The old battle system of the predecessor was replaced by an ATB-Battle System. The game was also created with a newer version on the RPG-Maker; the RPG Maker 2003.´Ancient Blood also has a total of 6 different endings, depending on Valnars attitude and the selected degree of difficulty.

Browsergames[edit | edit source]

There are also two Browsergames, which play in the Vampires Dawn Universe:

  • The "Vampires Dawn - Das Browserspiel" by "Sogil" exists since 2005 and is based on the "Castle Battle System" of Vampires Dawn II. The goal of the game is to get as many fragments as possible and get "Ritual Points" out of them. When a certain limit is exceeded, the nation or the race wins.
  • There is another Vampires Dawn-Browsergame by Brianum Online, which is based on another principle. You have to expand the infrastructure of a castle. It is more a Strategy-game. This game is meanwhile enhanced by Brianum, since Lnar Bul quit his work due to lack of time. This Browsergame was integrated into the website, since Brianum relaunched the Vampires Dawn website.

Fangames[edit | edit source]

After the great success of the series, many projects from fans were created. These are among others parodies and unofficial succesors, e. g. Vampires Dawn III:

  • Vampires Dawn II: Was wirklich geschah! (eng: Vampires Dawn II: What really happened!)
  • Vampires Deaf I & II
  • Vampires Peal

These games are also presented on the official website of Vampires Dawn and are available there.

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