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Vektor Grafix

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Vektor Grafix
Basic Information
Company Type
Video game developer
Video Games
computer and video game industry
Key People
Andy Craven

Vektor Grafix was a United Kingdom-based computer game development company led by Andy Craven, and taken over by MicroProse in 1992. The company was based in the city of Leeds, and after the takeover became MicroProse's Leeds development studio.

Vektor Grafix was founded by Andy Craven and Danny Gallagher in 1986, and their first release was a port of the Star Wars arcade game for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, The BBC Micro and Commodore 64 home computers, published by Domark. A DOS version followed (published via Broderbund in the USA), and this was quickly followed by a port of The Empire Strikes Back.

Vektor went on to become a leading developer of 3D simulation games, and was eventually purchased by MicroProse in 1992.[1]

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