Venus Redemption

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Venus Redemption
Basic Information
Video Game
Episodic video game
PC, Mac, iPhone, Wii and web browsers
Main Credits
[[Robin Shepperd (game director)]]
[[Tim Wright]]
[[Kate Pullinger
Gordon Rennie]]
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Venus Redemption is an episodic video game currently in development by nDreams that will cater primarily to a female audience. Venus Redemption is nDreams first title.[1] It will be released for the PC, Mac, iPhone, Wii and web browsers. nDreams has not released any new information on the game since missing all their estimated release dates.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The nDreams team is planning on providing a large mix of content with cutscenes, non-interactive in-game sequences, comic strip storytelling and in-game conversations to develop the plot. The team intends to have players build relationships with the characters by providing emotionally based conversations. There will be more than dialogue within the game, as players will need to gather clues to solve puzzles, play bejeweled style mini-games and slide puzzles to complete the game. At the end of the season, players will eventually take down Keane Global Developments and solve the mystery behind their corporate motives.[2]

Development[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Venus Redemption.

Venus Redemption is aimed at 30-something female gamers. The storyline will be written by Kate Pullinger, with help from comic book writer Gordon Rennie, and the music will be composed by Tim Wright, who also worked on the Wipeout game series. Kate Pullinger is a Canadian writer now living in the UK whose novels include The Last Time I Saw Jane, Where Does The Kissing End?, and Weird Sister. She also cowrote the novel of the 1993 movie The Piano with Jane Campion, the film's director.[3] Kate Pullinger is going to pen the script for the six ninety minute episodes that will comprise the first season of the game. Directed by Robin Shepperd, an accomplished UK director, each episode will be released every week or two along with behind the scenes content. It is being developed with the Unity engine.[2]

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