Viewtiful Joe (series)

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Viewtiful Joe
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Basic Information

Viewtiful Joe is a series that started on the Gamecube but has since branched off into other platforms. They are usually old school side scrolling platformers with 3D graphics. Other than being a throwback to the video games of old, the series is also known for it's unique VFX powers, where players slow down time, speed it up, or zoom in, among other things.

The games are set in a Movie Land, which is why Joe collects film reel and affect time. These VFX powers are like special effects in the movie. Slowing down and zooming in will do more damage (and enable flashier moves) then normal.

The series is greatly inspired by Japanese Henshin movies, which apparently, are those live action giant robot superhero shows/movies.

Games[edit | edit source]