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Basic Information
Video Game
[[France Télécom Multimédia]][[Category:France Télécom Multimédia]]
Windows PC
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Vikings is a video game released in 1998. The game was developed by Index+ and published by France Télécom Multimédia.

The game is set in the Viking empire around the 11th century. The story is split up into nine riddles to solve. The game also includes an integrated database of information.

You assume the role of Hjalmar, son of the bersekir Ingmar. The game begins in Finland, where you must assist Ingmar's friend Leif Harraldson in hiring the shaman Eldgrim. Eldgrim informs Hjalmar that his father has been murdered. Hjalmar travels to Iceland to verify the claim. Hjalmar will then travel to Greenland and Vinland in a quest, that even the gods become involved with.

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