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Viwawa is a portal for casual browser-based multiplayer online games and creation of avatars called Wawas developed by Pendulab Private Limited.[1] The company is based in Singapore.[2]

List of games[edit | edit source]

All games developed by Viwawa are multi-player and casual in nature.[3]

  • Stwack - an original stickman fighting game
  • Big 2.5 - a card shedding game popular in Asia, also known as Big 2
  • MatchIt - a memory card game
  • Checkmate - International Chess in 2D and 3D
  • Wahjong - Mahjong with Singapore rules and Hong Kong rules
  • Sushido - a match 3 game where chefs compete to serve sushi to their customers.They must match 3 identical ingredients horizontally/vertically.
  • Zany Bridge - a card game based on contract bridge with rules abiding to Singapore Bridge
  • Wahlords - a strategy game where players attempt to bomb each other
  • Numeroid - a game similar to Puzzle Bobble with a requirement to construct mathematical equations
  • Dynasty Chess - Chinese Chess game with animated chess pieces
  • Groword - a game of forming words from a 5x5 board of alphabets
  • Harvest Time - a card shedding game popular in China, also known as Dou Di Zhu
  • Speedoku - a Sudoku game based on speed
  • DEFCON 1 - a Tower Defence game
  • Buffet Wars - a projectile game with a food theme

Business model[edit | edit source]

Viwawa games are essentially free to play. Revenue is derived through its games and avatar creation via micro-transactions over micropayment services such as PayPal, SMS mobile payments, Cherry Credits, MOLePoints and scratch cards.

History[edit | edit source]

Viwawa was launched in December 2007.

In 2008, Viwawa entered a partnership with Disney to create Disney content in their Avatar customization engine.[4] At the same time, Viwawa also partnered with Garena to provide casual games to all Garena gamers.[5]

In July 2009, World Cyber Games (Singapore) hosted the competition finals for Viwawa games.[6]

In November 2009, Sanook! partnered with Viwawa to bring the games to their users in Thailand.[7]

In 2010, Viwawa games Stwack and Sushido were featured in SG Gamebox, an initiative by the Media Development Authority of Singapore[8]

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