Voodoo Dice

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Voodoo Dice
Basic Information
Video Game
Action, puzzle
iOS, PlayStation 3 (PSN), Wii (WiiWare), Windows and Xbox 360 (XBLA)
ESRB: Everyone
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Voodoo Dice is an action puzzle game produced by Exkee and distributed by Ubisoft,[1] Xbox Live Arcade,[2] PlayStation Network,[3] and WiiWare.[4] The game was released on 27 May 2010 [5] In Voodoo Dice, you roll dice through a path containing barriers (some movable), switches, conveyors and trap doors.[6] The game consists of 60 single-player levels and 20 multi-player levels. There are four multi-player play modes (arcade, race mode, flag mode, tactic mode).[7] In single-player mode, you must finish each level within a set time limit in order to win achievements.

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