War 2410

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War 2410
War 2410 box art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Advanced Productions[1]]][[Category:Advanced Productions[1]]]
[[Advanced Productions[1]]][[Category:Advanced Productions[1]]]
16-megabit cartridge[2]
Super NES game controller
Super Nintendo Entertainment System[1]
ESRB: K-A (Kids to Adults)
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War 2410 is a war game for the Super NES that takes place in the year 2410.

Story and gameplay[edit | edit source]

Scientists have developed the perfect soldier through genetic engineering. Three groups of soldiers meant to protect humanity have revolted against their masters. As a result, four factions are fighting it out for control of the Earth. Each side has infantry, tanks, and the air force needed to get the job done. The player is in command of the GDA (Global Defense Alliance) and the primary objective for the game's 20 missions is total annihilation against M.A.R.S. (a group of unsavory superhumans who have turned against their masters), the Orcs, and the Cromes (An Army of Self-Sentient, Self-Aware Combat Robots). Capturing a lab results in the ability to build a super weapon to destroy the other factions.[3]

This war would decide the fate of humanity and set the stage clear for its sequel War 3010: The Revolution.

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