War 3010: The Revolution

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War 3010: The Revolution
War 3010: The Revolution cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Advanced Productions[1]]][[Category:Advanced Productions[1]]]
[[Advanced Productions[1]]][[Category:Advanced Productions[1]]]
8-megabit cartridge[2]
Super NES game controller
Super Nintendo Entertainment System[1]
ESRB: Kids to Adults
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War 3010: The Revolution is a war game for the Super NES that takes place in the year 3010. After winning the war in the year 2410, humanity was dominated by an intergalactic menace known as the Kyllen.[3] In order to save humanity, the player must command a battle fleet.[3] A space armada can be built between levels upgrading the vessels with the newest weapons and gears.[3] The game uses the same strategy game feel as its prequel. Passwords allow players to play various mini-games in addition to restoring their progress in the game.

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