War Wound

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War Wound
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Apothecary Studios]][[Category:Apothecary Studios]]
Real-time tactics, Action game
Mouse, Keyboard
Microsoft Windows
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War Wound is an isometric action game where the player takes control of a Special Forces unit during a war in the near future. The game features real-time game play where each mission sees the player take command of a four man squad who must battle through a series of terrains using various skills.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

File:War Wound Screenshot.png
Screenshot of War Wound, showing an arctic level.

The players controls a four man squad in a similar way to classic games like Syndicate and Cannon Fodder or more modern games like Commandos 3. Specifically the player moves his squad around the world by clicking on where they should go and they will walk to the point in the level the player clicked on. Pressing the other mouse button will make the current squad shoot from where they are standing in the direction of the mouse pointer.

Squads can be broken up at any time to allow the player to use fewer squad members when walking about. This may give the player an advantage, for instance one man is harder to hit than four men standing closer together or it may be to keep a certain squad member safe because they possess and ability that is crucial to finished that particular mission and cannot be risked.

Each squad member commands the same abilities as any of the others such as the ability to walk, swim, pilot vehicles and fire multiple weapons but the primary squad member is the only squadie that can also climb certain surfaces. This ability makes him crucial to success on certain missions.

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