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Basic Information
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Video game developer
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Computer and video games
Key People
Victor Kislyi[1]

Wargaming.net is a strategy game developer operating since 1998. The company is based in London with development center in Belarus.[2][3] In November 2007 Wargaming.net acquired Arise, an independent PC game studio,and currently consists of nearly 140 employees. The company's motto is "Strategic Satisfaction".[4]

Wargaming.net is best known for its critically acclaimed Massive Assault series.[5] The company is also highly acknowledged for its recent WWII real-time strategy game "Order of War" produced by Square Enix,[6][7] one of the world's leading publishers. Wargaming.net is the first Western game development company to produce a game for Square Enix.[8]

Games and reception[edit | edit source]

Game Title Release Year Genre Aggregated Scores
DBA Online 2000 Turn-based strategy Not available
Massive Assault 2003 Turn-based strategy 80.11%,[9] 77[10]
Massive Assault Network 2004 Turn-based strategy 78.15%,[11] 74[12]
Massive Assault: Domination 2005 Turn-based strategy 69.61%,[13] 69[14]
Massive Assault Network 2 2006 Turn-based strategy 76.00%,[15] 72[16]
Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power 2007 Turn-based strategy 69.47%,[17] 68[18]
Order of War 2009 Real-time strategy 71.67%,[19] 69[20][21][22]
World of Tanks 2010
(in development)
Massively multiplayer online game

Wargaming.net's games received mostly postitive reviews. Review website IGN rated Massive Assault and Order of War 8.4[23] and 8.0 [24] out of 10 respectively.

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