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Warlords Battlecry, often abbreviated as WBC is a series of real time strategy games created by Steve Fawkner, also creator and designer of the award-winning Warlords game series.

There are currently three Warlords Battlecry games:

Although released in different times, the three games essentially share the same 2D graphics engine, a gameplay closely resembling that of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or StarCraft and have a relatively high number of playable races/sides (ranging from the 8 of WBC 1, to the 12 of WBC II and the 16 of WBC III).

The games feature a hero building system which preceded Warcraft III's own one and combine real time strategy elements with roleplaying elements (hero development, stats and skills), thus making its creator labelling the series as "roleplaying strategy" games.

Although the games share the same basic gameplay and graphics engine, and the series is generally well-received among Warlords fans and hunters, the community around them has always been small (but loyal), and no serious modding efforts have been done until the third installment was released, although all three installments ended up supported by community rather than developer patches and mods.

The games have been variously published by SSG, Ubisoft and, currently, Enlight. The developer is Steve Fawkner's Infinite Interactive.

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