Wasteland Racers 2071

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Wasteland Racers 2071
Basic Information
Video Game
Triotech Amusement
Triotech Amusement
Arcade simulator device
Steering wheel
Retail Features
Technical Information
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
November 202006
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Wasteland Racers 2071 is an arcade simulator by Triotech Amusement released in November 2006. The simulator takes place in the year 2071 with six race tracks (from Airport Mayhem to the Ruins of Lost Vegas) and five cars (from the Interceptor to the Crusher). If the player finishes first, they will receive a code that unlocks new cars and race courses. Wasteland Racers 2071 is one of the arcade games featured at Chuck E. Cheese's. None of the cars are linked to an actual manufacturer like Chevrolet or Ford; fantasy cars based on futuristic prototypes are used to navigate the post-apocalyptic racing venues. Because the title has the word "Wasteland" in it, it is assumed that the game is set in a dystopian 21st century.

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