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Up close shot of the Wavebird

Nintendo's first party brand of wireless Gamecube controllers. They allow the user to select one of 16 frequencies, allowing for a maximum of 16 Wavebirds to be played in the same room. Their range and quality tends to be above the average for a wireless controller, making it one of the best wireless controllers on the market, especially at its price (typically only $5 more than a wired controller).

A Gamecube with all four controller ports occupied by Wavebird receivers is said to have of them a "flight," "squadron," "gaggle," or other term for groups of birds.

The only criticism of the controller is the noted lack of the rumble feature. This was said by Nintendo to be a means of conserving battery life. Pelican's unlicensed G3 Wireless controller, however, was the only third party controller to have the rumble(with a switch to turn it off), though the rumble was removed from later versions.