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Whoopee Camp was a video game developer started in 1997.

They had hoped to make innovations in the gaming world but only made two games: Tomba! (Tombi outside the U.S. and Ore! Tomba in Japan) in 1997, and Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return (Tombi 2 outside the U.S. and Tomba: The Wild Adventures in Japan) in 1999. Tomba was a game about a child with pink hair and green shorts that had to get his grandfathers bracelet back from the evil pigs invading their world. While Tomba 2 was about a completely different group of evil pigs (aside from the leader, the last evil pig) kidnapping the child's girlfriend, Tabby and trying to take over the continent Tabby lives on (which is quite realistic, unlike Tomba's continent.)

Both games were critically well received but in the long run, they both sold poorly and never got any Greatest Hits/Platinum status whatsoever. Today, both Tomba games are very rare and many sellers on eBay will sell copies of both games for ridiculous prices regardless of conditions. With Tomba 1 being the most expensive due to its stronger popularity, ranging from $60–70, while Tomba 2 ranges from $40–50.

So because of this, Whoopee Camp split and the staff went to work for other companies shortly after the release of Tomba! 2. Most of the devs went to Access Games.