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Wicked Witch Software
Basic Information
Company Type
Video game developer
Video games
Key People
Managing Director
Daniel Visser
Lead Artist
Shannon Trottman
Programming Leads
Wayne Simmons
Shayne Ford
Chief Financial Officer
Colin Visser[1]

Wicked Witch Software is a video games developer founded in 1999[2] by managing director Daniel Visser. Originally operating out of Visser's residence with employee's sometimes working 30 hour days and sleeping on the floor. It is currently located in offices in Eastern Melbourne, Australia.[3] The company has worked with many local and international developers and publishers. The senior staff is composed of industry veterans, some who previously worked at Melbourne House and Torus Games.[1] Wicked Witch Software has released around 50 titles on PC, handheld and mobile platforms and worked on dozens of other projects across most major consoles including Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and Wii. Wicked Witch also owns a range of original products including one of the first MMORPG on the Java ME mobile platform.

Recently Wicked Witch has been developing 3d titles for PC, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. After the release of their port of Space Chimps for PC Wicked Witch released their first 2 Nintendo DS titles. NRL's Mascot Mania and AFL's Mascot Manor are action adventure games based on the Mascots of each sports league, aimed at younger fans of the sports. After the Mascot titles, Wicked Witch developed and released, in partnership with Sony, AFL Challenge and Rugby League Challenge for PlayStation Portable. These titles saw more intense marketing including TV advertisements during the finals series of the Australian Football League.

Wicked Witch Software is a licensed developer for Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Wii, and is a member of the Game Developer's Association of Australia.

Games[edit | edit source]

PlayStation Portable

Nintendo DS


Game Boy Color

Mobile games

  • Conect Multiplayer puzzle game
  • Tellurian Multiplayer arcade game
  • Tennis Channel Multiplayer Tennis
  • Chuckie Egg
  • BombJack
  • Aliens vs Predator
  • Paperboy
  • IBM Tennis
  • Commonwealth Games Cycling (2006)
  • Commonwealth Games Hockey (2006)
  • Commonwealth Games Hurdles (2006)
  • Commonwealth Games Swimming (2006)
  • AFL 2007
  • AFL GoalKick
  • AFL Handball
  • NRL 2007
  • NRL FieldGoal
  • NRL SuperPass
  • Melodie Mars
  • Tank Assault
  • Allied Assault
  • Wicked Football
  • Wicked Rugby
  • Wicked Hockey
  • Space Marines
  • Space Marines 2
  • Mobile Rally
  • Mobile Rally 2
  • Qibla
  • Wicked Racing
  • Mobile Rally
  • Simply English
  • Log Rollin
  • Compass
  • Skid City Racing – mobile racing
  • Ryan Giggs Football – mobile sports
  • Jumbuck Hockey – mobile sports
  • Gothic Graveyard’ – mobile rpg

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