Windows/286 2.10

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Windows/286 2.10
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Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Operating System
Microsoft Windows
Windows/286 2.0
Windows/286 2.11
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Windows/286 2.10 is a graphical operating system released by Microsoft Corporation in May 1988. This version of Windows 2.0 was specifically designed to run on the Intel 80286 CPU, although it would also run on the Intel 8086 CPU, only without Higher Memory Area (HMA) support. This version of windows, along with Windows/386 2.10, is the first Microsoft Windows release that required a hard disk.

Minimum Specifications[edit | edit source]

MS-DOSMS-DOS Minimum/Recommended Specifications
Minimum Specifications Recommended Specifications
CPU Intel-logo.svg 8086 CPU Intel-logo.svg 80286