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Wizzrobes are fictional magic-using enemies from The Legend of Zelda series of video games. They attack Link, the protagonist and player character, with different magic attacks. Wizzrobe's name is assumed to be a portmanteau of the words "wizard" and "robe".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Wizzrobes often wear long robes that covers their body along with a pointy hat, similar to wizards in popular culture. Their faces usually cannot be seen, except for a pair of glowing eyes. Wizzrobes appearing throughout the Zelda series show up only in dungeons, except for in The Wind Waker, where they sometimes appear on sea platforms.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Legend of Zelda[edit | edit source]

Wizzrobes first appeared in the first game of the series, The Legend of Zelda. They come in orange and blue variations. The orange Wizzrobes disappear and reappear around the room and shoot magic at Link, but only in a straight line, while the blue Wizzrobes move freely around the room and attack whenever Link is in their line of fire. The blue ones also have the ability to enter into the doorways of the rooms and to phase across barriers. In this game, Wizzrobes wear hooded robes and cast their magic with the aid of a magical wand.

The Adventure of Link[edit | edit source]

In The Adventure of Link, Wizzrobes appear like figures with white robes and pointed white hoods that cover their faces completely, having a red cross where their faces should be. They appear, throw a spell at Link, and vanish again. Wizzrobes are invulnerable to sword attacks, and can only be defeated with the Reflect spell. When Link casts Reflect, a Wizzrobe's magic is reflected back at it, killing it. Carock, a larger and stronger form of a Wizzrobe, also serves as a boss later in the game.

A Link to the Past[edit | edit source]

In A Link to the Past, Wizzrobes are essentially the same as The Legend of Zelda, but with updated graphics. They gain the pointed, wide-brimmed hats they wear almost consistently later on, and begin resembling black mages at this point.

Link's Awakening[edit | edit source]

In Link's Awakening, they are again the same as in The Legend of Zelda, but with no tougher form. They are however not affected by the sword and require 4 arrows or a bomb to finish off. They can be stunned with a boomerang to give the player a better chance to vanquish them. They are also instantly destroyed by hitting them with a thrown item such as a pot, or a stunned Wizzrobe (they usually appear in groups).

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

In Majora's Mask Wizzrobes are very different in appearance from their earlier appearances. They have blue skin, zombie-like faces, and wear short robes. Wizzrobe is a miniboss in four areas in the game, including Snowhead Temple and Ikana. They have two attack methods; first they move between warp tiles and shoot blasts of ice or fire then warp to another tile. Second, they have decoys to confuse Link; the real one spins around on one of the warp tiles (his location is the red dot on the map). In this game, Wizzrobe was accidentally spelled with one Z.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons[edit | edit source]

In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, they are again similar to their appearance in The Legend of Zelda. Green Wizzrobes merely sink into the ground leaving only their hat exposed. Red Wizzrobes are stronger and teleport randomly around the room after firing. Blue Wizzrobes are stronger still and act like the blue Wizzrobes of The Legend of Zelda.

The Wind Waker[edit | edit source]

In The Wind Waker, Wizzrobes wear robes and bird-like masks resembling the beak of a toucan, and teleport around the room and shoot magic at Link from afar, usually in mid-air and out of reach of Link's sword. Red ones shoot three fireballs at a time at Link while the yellow version can shoot fireballs and summon other enemies. Blue ones are similar to the red ones, but more powerful. The miniboss Wizzrobes are like the yellow hooded ones, but more powerful and can summon bigger enemies such as Darknuts, Moblins, and even other Wizzrobes. They also produce a distinctive chime so that the player would notice when one pops up, and they howl when defeated.

Four Swords Adventures[edit | edit source]

In Four Swords Adventures, Wizzrobes appear the same as in The Legend of Zelda, but some have the ability to shoot fire and ice, and sometimes suck out a player's Force Gems. They also have sound clips from The Wind Waker.

The Minish Cap[edit | edit source]

In The Minish Cap they are the same as in Four Swords Adventures. They appear taller and more slender than their previous appearances and seem to have long, white beards. Fire Wizzrobes would shoot fire, while Ice Wizzrobes would shoot ice, burning or freezing Link, respectively. The Ice Wizzrobe is easily killed with the Flame Lantern item. The Flame Lantern also works on the Fire and normal Wizzrobe.