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The World of Mixed Martial Arts (WMMA) is a PC game designed by Adam Ryland and Grey Dog Software, the makers of the Total Extreme Warfare series.[1] It includes fictional fighters with descriptive bios to make the game interesting. It is a simulation game, in which the player is the booker of a Mixed Martial Arts promotion. The choices are ALPHA-1, GAMMA. BCF, or WEFF. Or to make it more challenging, players may create their own promotion from scratch.

In 2009, a sequel to WMMA, World of Mixed Martial Arts 2, was released, adding many more companies, such as XCC and Sigma, as well as changing the overall "universe", apparently rebooting the database and its history, although many aspects are similar, such as champions.

On August 12th 2010, World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 was announced. It promises to include even more groundbreaking features that made the WMMA series so special. Adam Ryland will be updating the Grey Dog Software community with a daily development blog, which informs readers of how the development is going, and what new features are being added.

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