Worms 2

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Worms 2
Basic Information
Video Game
Microsoft Windows
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Worms 2
Technical Information
European Union European Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
February 111998
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
January 131998
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Worms 2 is an addictive, challenging, and entertaining all at the same time and yet can't really be explained as such to someone who hasn't played the game.

Worms 2 is a 2D strategy game that puts you in command of a team of worms with many crazy weapons and ammunition and then puts them out in a fully destructible battlefield with the goal to kill all of the worms in the enemy team. Usually in some period of time a package will parachute from the sky and is a gift to all of the worm troops. These packages carries health, new weapons, or a booby trap. On each turn the player selects one of their worms and moves it around with arrow keys, select some kind of weapon or tool, take time to aim, and determine the amount of force you want to put in. Some of the weapons included such as the bazooka or shotgun has an immediate effect, and others such as the grenade have a timer that will tick off before detonation.

The simple rules and basic control structure in Worms 2 makes it a game that anyone can learn to play in about five minutes. So the more you play Worms 2 the better you will become. This kind of setup is the most basic component of making a game that people will want to play again and again.

Also Worms 2 appeals to the destructive side in all of us so everything in the game can be destroyed which includes the ground, girders, houses and so on. The battlefield's nature of changing gives you a feeling of control over your surroundings, another great feature to be included in the game design primer.

A good thing about Worms 2 is because it is funny. From the artwork and animation that feature these bloodthirsty little worms shooting, punching, and blasting one another, to the brilliant sound effects that let you customize the voices of your troops to everything from a Double-Oh Seven to a Scottish killer so praticly the game does everything in its power to keep you laughing as you play.

Worms 2 also has a great multiplayer game even if it gets old. You can play with up to 18 players, or playing over the Internet which has up to six players the game is designed to let as much players as possible get into some competition that's impossible not to love. The game also allows you to change screens, choose weapon options, and many other things about the way the game plays, you can always set up a game that's different enough from the last time you played to be very interesting.

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