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X-Men Cartoon Maker
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X-Men Cartoon Maker is a recreational software package that allows the user to create animations with a minimal level of sophistication by utilising a library of backdrops, animations and sound effects from the 1992 Marvel Comics X-Men animated series.

The game was developed by education software developer Instinct Corporation and published by Knowledge Adventure for PC in 1996. The game features narration by Cathal J. Dodd as Wolverine and Iona Morris as Storm in the animated series. The game includes all the major characters from the animated series, and for each cast member, typically includes three animations.

The software also includes three animated projects created by X-Men co-creator, Stan Lee and voiced by Cathal J. Dodd and Iona Morris.

Tagline: "Now Your Imagination Is The Real Super Hero!"

This title is a sequel to the original Spider-Man Cartoon Maker and can be installed over the top to incorporate the library of Spider-Man animation and stills.

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