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The XGP (Extreme Game Player) was a portable video game system created by the Korean company GamePark as the follow-up to its GP32 handheld. Initially announced in 2005, the XGP was finally announced in March 2006 along with the release of the similar XGP Mini and the XGP Kids.

The XGP was scheduled to be released in three models; the XGP, the XGPmini and the XGP Kids. Contrary to popular belief, GamePark does not wish to compete with Sony and Nintendo with this machine. The XGP Kids was aimed towards children and, as such, will have a significantly lower price point. It was designed to run simpler games tailored to an audience besides 'hardcore gamers'.

The XGP was supposed to be one of two successors to the GP32 handheld console. The other is the GP2X, which was created by Gamepark Holdings, a separate company that split off from GamePark in early 2005. It is rumored that all but one of the engineers responsible for the original GP32 joined GPH, however, GamePark's PR department has stated that only one of the GP32's designers/engineers went to GPH.

While the GP32 was only available in select markets (Korea and parts of Europe and Asia), or had to be imported, it was thought that the XGP will be marketed worldwide.

Since Gamepark allegedly declared bankruptcy on March 8, 2007, the XGP will probably never be released.