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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Zelian Games]][[Category:Zelian Games]]
RPG puzzle
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xOrbic is an RPG puzzle hybrid developed by Zelian Games. The game has taken over priority for Zelian Games because Winterheart's Guild (video game) was taking too long in development. There has been no development after the beta release in 2008.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

xOrbic consists of a combat system similar to the game Bejeweled however it has its distinct differences in the movement of 'orbs'. The XP/leveling system as well as the items are similar to most RPG games.

Background[edit | edit source]

News about xOrbic was first mentioned on the Sonata Arctica forums when Zelian Games told the community that the development of Winterheart's Guild was being paused. A playable version of the game (a 'pre-alpha')[1] was released at the same time as the announcement was made on the Sonata Arctica forums.

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