X Motor Racing

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X Motor Racing
Basic Information
Video Game
Racing, Indie
Digital Download
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Technical Information
Retail Minimum Specifications
1700 MHz CPU
512 MB RAM
128 MB DX9 GPU
600 MB Hard disk space,
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
April 292010
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X-Motor Racing (XMR) is an indie racing simulator.[1][2][3][4][5] The game features high precision physics simulation and is developed by very small team.

The game has a fully customizable physics model — the tire model, suspension, or motor are available to tune in the game, including advanced tire model with adjustable behaviour, such as, temperature, or changing grip. X-Motor Racing has an advanced graphics engine, compared with other simulators[citation needed], supporting True HDR rendering and FSAA. XMR allows create physics for any real car and can be used to adaptation of a car to a real one. XMR allows exporting all in-game physics data to build a motion platform or telemetry system.

Open physics model and tools for creating cars and track allows using X-Motor Racing as professional software for trainings of drivers as well as racing game for entertainment. The game is used in education, real motor sport and automotive industry for R&D by some teams, for example, McGill University, or ItalDesign.

The developer releases new versions, updates and additional content very frequently. X-Motor Racing is a digital delivery product.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game has three game modes – arcade, simulator and developer. The differences of these modes are quite conditional. All the cars in arcade mode are more understeer tuned. On the other hand the sim mode has more oversteer cars. Off-road races are against ghost racers. In highway race ghost or non-ghost computer recer could be chosen. Any number, up to 32 players can connect in multiplayer. Developers mode allows to additional tweaking and telemetry data.

Cars and Tracks[edit | edit source]

Developer did not seek to license any cars, tracks or series at all, so included only fictitious cars and vehicles. XMR includes visual and physics counterparts of Fiat Palio (Palo), Skoda Octavia (Javia), Audi A2 (Tavi), Audi A4 (Roster), Audi TT (Tavi TT), Chrysler Viper (Viperi), Mitsubishi GTO (GB3000), Porsche Boxster (Doxster), Porsche 911 Turbo (V911), MHRT.[6]

Nevertheless, a few mods are free, with real names and badges. Cars:


All mods and addons are compatible with the full version only. XMR allows people to vote for the cars and tracks, they want to see in the game.

Physics Engine[edit | edit source]

The physics engine covers all aspects of vehicle dynamics that can be tested immediately in the game. Many of the customizable car physics parameters include common mass and aerodynamic value, steering, brakes, engine, suspension, transmission properties and tyre model.

Telemetry[edit | edit source]

X-Motor Racing has a telemetry system that displays all general parameters to control vehicle dynamics and tune vehicle physics real-time. Tire model telemetry[7] is a special mode that allows tweak tire model as much as possible precisely real-time. VehiclePhysics is a built-in utility that control more than 3700 vehicle physics parameters including full tire model based on the real researches.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Power XMR tools were released on October 6, 2007. WYSIWYG editor could create and edit tracks or cars. Also these tools can be used to import any tracks or cars from many other racing games like rFactor, GTR2, Grand Prix 4, GTL etc. Full version includes tutorial for creating/editing tracks and cars. All objects could be created in 3D Max and then exported to X-Motor Racing Editor after that exported to the game. The tool includes 3D Max export utility that allows exports any objects from 3D Max. Some video tutorial how to create cars and tracks could be found on YouTube.[8][9]

Vehicle Physics[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Physics is a special utility that allow customize physics of the vehicle. This is the first kind of software that allows customize full tire model. Aerodynamics, steering system, braking system, engine, suspension, transmission, damage model and tire model are customizable in Vehicle Physics utility.[10]

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