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Economic Strategy
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Xemerys is a browser city sim strategy game aimed at a mature audience who can appreciate a deep yet intuitive economic system and a bit more challenging gameplay. Inspired by classics such as Civilization, Sim City or Caesar, Xemerys brings old-school gameplay to the browser based platform.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players become rulers of their own city-state with the task to develop the biggest and the most influential city-state in the world. To achieve that, they will build their strategy around Civics, Propaganda, Magic Doctrines and Spells. 20 products, 5 service types, 21 civics, 21 propaganda and an ever growing number of spells (at least 50) are at the player's disposal to create countless strategies. Shifts in the environment will often require adaptation and changes in the strategy of choice. There will be multiple solutions available to solve a problem, yet neither will be perfect as every solution has its upsides and downsides.

Global Cataclysm, Regional Weather, Pollution are just some of the other concepts that influence the way choices and decisions are being made in Xemerys.

Even though there's a fair bit of building involved, the focus is on the people. Keeping the population happy and healthy is a complex task that requires cooperation between players and excellent organizational skills. Inhabitants of a city-state require certain goods and services for each Quality of Life level. Their needs become more complex as they climb up the ladder. Consequently, tax income increases and so does the city-state's influence and wealth.

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