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Basic Information
Video Game
Hudson Soft
2D Platform, Shoot 'em up
NES Controller
NES and Family Computer
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
March 1990
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Family Computer
August 261988
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Xexyz (pronounced 'zecks-zees') is a game for the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System, first released in Japan under the title Kame no Ongaeshi - Urashima Densetsu; it saw a North American release in March 1990. The game's music was written by Hirohiko Takayama.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Weapons and Items[edit | edit source]

Apollo receives weapons and items from a goddess character to help him on his way. All weapons can be powered up by visiting a shop that specifies in powering up weapons, or by talking to the goddess character a second time. The weapons and items include:

  • Hand Beam -- Apollo's initial weapon. Apollo is pink and shoots horizontal chevrons, as well as vertical ones when up is pressed. This weapon only travels a short distance. Powered up version increases range;
  • 45B-Ball turns Apollo green. A ball that shoots down at a 45 degree angle, then bounces upwards (possible reason for the name '45B'). Powered up version moves faster;
  • Wave Ball turns Apollo brown. One ball shoots from Apollo's arm and moves across the screen oscillating up and down. Can go through objects. Two balls shoot in powered up version;
  • Moon Ball turns Apollo Blue. An orbiting ball that shoots a long distance version of Apollo's chevron weapon and generates a field when the fire and down buttons are held. Powered up version adds a second 'moon' and doubles firepower;
  • Laser turns Apollo black. Hold the fire button to shoot three-round bursts. Shoots six rounds in powered up version;
  • Mirror doubles Apollo so there's another Apollo over top of him. Lasts until Apollo is hit twice;
  • Foot Wing makes you jump higher and farther, and also makes you fall more slowly. If you walk off a ledge and press the jump button, Apollo will jump in midair. Disappears after Apollo is hit twice;
  • Typhoon makes Apollo invincible. His head stays stationary while the rest of his body looks like a tornado. Lasts for a brief period.