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Yeesha in Myst IV: Revelation

Game Series Myst series
First Appearance Myst III: Exile
Voice Actor(s): Juliette Gosselin

Yeesha (D'ni: Yeeshah/[Yíŝa]) is the daughter and third child of Atrus and Catherine. She is briefly mentioned at the end of Myst: The Book of D'ni, and first seen in Myst III: Exile, being cuddled as a baby by her mother. As a young girl, she was seen by her parents as a correction to the mistakes they made with their sons and decided to teach her D'ni and the Art. She was very fond of Serenia and befriended by Anya the Protector. She even travelled to the Dream world and was awarded a crystal of memories. In Myst IV: Revelation, she is abducted by her older brother to fulfill his plans of revenge, but was freed by the Stranger. (See: Sirrus and Achenar).

Yeesha mastered the Art beyond all earlier D'ni, and surpassed limitations which were held as absolute, such as Linking within the same Age, and allowing a Linking Book to remain with the person Linking. In Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, she appears to the player as a middle-aged woman (which is around 200 years old to D'ni standards), speaking to us as a hologram and trying to explain the situation of the Bahro to us. Her motives, however, remain unclear and were heavily debated in the short-lived Live part of Uru. The Watcher's prophecies suggest she had a daughter, possibly by Calam.

Yeesha is one of the two main characters in Myst V: End of Ages, and is an adversary to the other main character, Esher.

Yeesha's name is a D'ni word that means "laughter". In Revelation she is played by child actress Juliette Gosselin.