Yokozuna Monogatari

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Yokozuna Monogatari
Basic Information
Video Game
Sports, Sumo
8-megabit cartridge[1]
Super Famicom
Retail Features
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Super Famicom
August 261994[2]
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Yokozuna Monotogari (横綱物語?, "Grand Champion Story")[3] is a simulation game that allows players to start their own sumo wrestling stable and employ wrestlers for traditional Sumo contests. Since sumo wrestlers are considered to be professionals, they must be paid plenty of money to join the player's ranks. All sumo wrestlers need training and discipline in order to be in shape for the larger sumo wrestling matches. Additional sumo wrestlers can be hired after the player's stable receives additional money. This additional money is earned from fights that are won by the stable's hired sumo wrestlers in scheduled matches. Having a wrestler under the player's supervision become the next Yokozuna can offer great benefits to the player's sumo school overall.

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