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YouTube, is a video-hosting website. Users can upload videos in a variety of different genres including music, gaming, technology, science, fashion, vlogs, etc.

Types of Gaming videos[edit | edit source]

  • Let's Play - Typically a Let's Play video consists of a user playing a video game while simultaneously providing commentary on it.
  • Longplays - A lengthy session of a game playthrough. Longplays typically are one video showing the game beginning to completion.
  • Playthrough/Gameplay - Normal gameplay, may or may not have commentary.
  • Walkthroughs - Instruction based videos on how to complete certain objectives in video games such as achievements, boss strategy, and hidden items. May be instructed by voice or text.
  • Speed Runs - Attempting to beat the game as fast as possible (with 100% completion or any%)
  • Soundtrack/OSTs - Uploads of video game soundtracks or OSTs.
  • Blind - Typically a Let's Play where the player is playing a video game without previous knowledge.

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