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Zombie Cow Studios
Basic Information
Business Type
2008 (2008)
Dan Marshall
                    Time Gentlemen, Please!
Interactive entertainment

Zombie Cow Studios is a British independent video game developer founded by Dan Marshall in 2008. Dan Marshall's previous games were retroactively brought under the Zombie Cow banner upon its founding.

Their first new release was a donationware adventure game called Ben There, Dan That!, released in 2008. It was widely praised by the adventure game community and downloaded 50,000 times but brought in only "a couple of hundred quid" due to its donation model.[1]

The sequel, Time Gentlemen, Please!, was released in 2009 to positive reviews. PC Gamer called it "point-and-click adventuring done right for a change."[2] It holds a Metacritic score of 84%.

In 2010, Zombie Cow Studios and Channel 4 announce ‘Privates[3].

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