Zoo Vet

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Zoo Vet
Developer(s) Legacy Interactive
Publisher(s) Legacy Interactive
Designer Legacy Interactive
status Status Missing
Release date December 2004
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) 8+
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD-ROM
Input Mouse
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Zoo Vet is a computer game designed by Legacy Interactive. In the game, you play a vet recently hired by a zoo, and have to give the animals vet care. Each level has five different animals to care for, and some animals get treated twice. Some of the missions include a chimpanzee with a sore eye and a giraffe with loose stool.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Examine[edit | edit source]

Magnifying Glass: Looks closely at an area of the patients body and can be used anywhere.
Palpation Glove: Feels, or palpates, an area of the patient’s body.
Otoscope: Examines the inner ear. A magnifying glass and light are used to get a bright, enlarged view of the auditory canal and eardrum.
Ophtalmoscope: Examines the inner of the eye. A lighted instrument is used to get a bright, enlarged view of the lens, retina and optic nerve.
Eye Dye: -Checks for corneal, ulcers or cuts. Fluorescein dye stains any part of the eye that is injured.
Eye Wash: Flushes the eye clean. A cleanser is squirted into the eye to get rid of any foreign materials.
Woods Lamp: Detects various skin problems. A UV light makes any affected area glow, or fluoresce.
X-ray:- Examines the inside of the animal's body.

Monitor[edit | edit source]

Stethoscope: intensifies breath and heartbeat sounds. It is placed on the chest, over the heart.
Thermometer: Measures the animal’s body temperature and is applied to the patient’s rear.
Scale: Measures the patients body weight. This can be applied anywhere on the patients body.
Pulse Ox Meter: Measures the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells. The higher the number is the better. This tool is applied to the animal’s ear in the game, but in real life can be applied to the tongue and thin fingers.

Test[edit | edit source]

Blood Test: Draws a sample of the animals blood for testing. In the game, it is taken from the legs or rear legs, but tails for reptiles. In real life, the sample is usually taken from the wings of birds.
Fungal Test: Tests for fungal infections. A sample from an area of the body is collected in the container and delivered into the testing lab. In reality, it takes about ten days for the fungal culture to grow and produce results.
Bacterial Test: Tests for bacteria Infections. A sponge like material and container are used to collect the sample. In a real hospital setting, results normally take 3–5 days to confirm.
Urine Test: Tests for abnormalities in the patient's urine. Because urine removes toxins and excess liquids from the body, it can contain important clues as to what the problem could be.
TB Test: Tests for tuberculosis, a highly contagious infection. A fluid is injected under the skin of the neck, which will cause a visible reaction if the animal has TB.

Maintain[edit | edit source]

Tooth Scraper: Cleans the teeth by scraping the tartar off of them.
Antiseptic Wipe: Used to clean a wound by discouraging the growth of microorganisms on living tissue, and prevents infection.
Vaccine: Protects the animal from certain diseases. Given during annual exams. Fluids are injected into the body which stimulate antibody production or cellar immunity, and so help prevent the animal from getting sick.
Hoof Trimmer: Trims extra growth off of an animal's hoof and levels them out. Can also be used to remove tough, dead skin on larger animals.
Wing Clipper: Prevents a bird from flying out of the zoo. Used on newborns to safely and painlessly remove the tip of the wing.
Extractor: Removes teeth and foreign materials from the animal's body. The tool grabs an object and pulls it out.
Dental Float: Files down teeth. Keep using the tool until the teeth are a normal size and all sharp edges are gone.

Operate[edit | edit source]

Hair Clipper: Removes hair. Used before surgery or to look at the skin.
Scalpel: Makes incisions in skin or removes growths.
Biopsy Needle: Removes a sample of tissue, cells, or fluids for testing. The test will figure out what the unknown sample is.
Forceps: Removes tissue, lesions, and tumors. The delicate tool grasps the mass and removes it from inside the body.
Sutures: Holds an opening in the skin closed to promote healing and prevent infection. 3 or 5 stitches are needed.
Fracture Pins: Immobilizes a fractured leg bone. A thin, metal rod is inserted into a broken bone to hold it together as it heals.
Bandage: Covers and protects a foot wound. It speeds up recovery by keeping medicine on wound and preventing it from getting infected.

Medicate[edit | edit source]

Medicine Syringe: Delivers medicine into the body quickly.
Topical Medication: Delivers medicine to the surface of the body. Medication included in the ointment is used to treat the skin.
Oral Medication: Delivers medicine into the body. It is put in the feed so the animal will eat it.
Eye Drops: Delivers medication to the surface of the eye. Liquid medicine is dropped onto the eye.
IV Fluids: Replenishes fluids that have been lost. An IV is used to inject fluid into the body through a vein in the leg, or back leg.

Offices & Skins[edit | edit source]

Offices[edit | edit source]

Western This office plays country music, and has an old fashioned vase abut to the wall, with a wooden chair where your perfection award is placed, a picture of a Bald Eagle, and a small little portrait of a Fox.
Jungle This office plays a bass solo, has a tiki like nightstand, a green silk chair where your perfection award is placed. Also has a picture of various jungle animals, and a small portrait of a Gemsbok.
Modern This office plays piano music, has a plant in the corner near the map, and a black easy chair where your perfection award is placed. It also has a "Visit the Zoo" poster, and a small portrait of two cheetahs grooming each other.
Victorian (Unlockable) This office plays tap music, has an old fashioned furnace, and a study desk with a fancy chair where your perfection award goes. It also has a picture of birds on a tree, and a small portrait of a Sun Bear.
Country (Unlockable) This office plays the same music as the Victorian office, has a large window, and a golden easy chair where your perfection award is placed. Ot also has a poster that says "Serengeti." And a small portrait of piglets in hay.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Golden Lab A skin with a grey background, and a golden PDA.
Zebra Post A skin with a white dotted background, and a Zebra striped PDA.
Flamingo Grotto A skin with an aquamarine background, and a swirly cotton candy pink PDA.
Lizard Lounge A skin with a light green background, and a lizard scale decorated PDA.
Leopard Lair A skin with a dark brown background, and a leopard print PDA.
Lion's Den (Unlockable) A skin with a black background, and a brown PDA.
Summertime (Unlockable A skin with a yellow background, and a PDA with grass painted on it.
Camouflage (Unlockable) A skin with a green camouflage background, and a camouflage brown PDA.
Purple Palace (Unlockable) A skin with a teal blue background, and a bright purple PDA.
The last skin requires you to register the game to unlock it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you get 1,000 points in a case, you get a perfect score trophy.
  • The game gives you an office.
  • There are unlockables in the game, obtained by getting good scores.