Zoombinis Island Odyssey

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Zoombinis Island Odyssey
Basic Information
Video Game
The Learning Company
The Learning Company
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
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Zoombinis: Island Odyssey[edit | edit source]

This game was the second sequel to be released by The Learning Company.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In this game, the Zoombinis discover that they left the moths to die in their native land of Zoombini Isle. So they take a boat and travel to Zoombini Isle, which is now completely empty of the Bloats (who made the land barren and then moved on). They must complete different puzzles, such as growing berries and breeding butterflies, to eventually set off a chain reaction that will restore the entire ecosystem of the island to its original glory.

This is the first game to incorporate science in the puzzles, which include intersection of rates, decoding, astronomical time, Venn diagrams, and Punnett squares, as well as some reincarnations of puzzles from Logical Journey. The graphics have again changed, and the Zoombinis' features are no longer important to gameplay. Here, they are fully 3-D.

To win the game, the Zoombinis must take care of the Zerbles, feed them, and then release them into the wild. Once the Zoombinis get all of the 224 Zerbles into the wild, the Zoombinis head back to Zoombiniville, and the game is won.

The Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The Wheel[edit | edit source]

The first puzzle in the game is a mixture of timing and pattern finding. A large wheel turns round in a circle that can be stopped at any time and two sets of balls are selected to fill in the cups that are attached to the ends of the spokes on the wheel. The balls are made of rock or mud and the player must get the timing and order correct so that the rock ball hits the launch pad that the Zoombini is standing on. If the mud all hits the launch pad, nothing will happen. As the difficulty increases, more wheels are added making the pattern harder to follow.

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