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Basic Information
Company Type
Zendoku, Go! Puzzle
Software & Programming
Key People
Martin Hollis

Zoonami is a video game development company, founded in 2000 by Martin Hollis, the director and producer of GoldenEye 007. He left Rare shortly before Perfect Dark was released while other members of the GoldenEye 007 team formed Free Radical Design.

Titles released by Zoonami include Zendoku, Go! Puzzle, and Bonsai Barber.

Games developed[edit | edit source]

In October 2006, Eidos announced Zendoku, a Sudoku-based game developed by Zoonami for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. Zendoku was released in the United States on June 12, 2007, and was released in Europe on April 20, 2007.

Zoonami released its second game, Go! Puzzle for the PlayStation 3's downloadable service in February 2009. Go! Puzzle's mini games and characters were designed by Zoonami, but the actual development was done by Cohort Studios.

Zoonami released its third game, and first game for WiiWare, Bonsai Barber, in North America on March 30, 2009, and in Europe on August 7, 2009. It was published by Nintendo.

Dropped projects[edit | edit source]

A GameCube project originally titled as GameZero (although the title was dropped when it was discovered that the name conflicted with a pre-existing gaming review magazine) was once in development, though this is considered to no longer be the case. The project was mentioned briefly on the company's website but has not been discussed since its removal from the site and subsequent notice in interviews that the name had been dropped from the project. Zoonami also announced a prototype of the one-button music game Funkydilla but were unable to find a publisher for the game.[1]

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